It’s never the right time…

Six years ago, we took a few months off work and traveled. We went to South America and Southern Africa. We went to four weddings in three countries. We saw Macchu Picchu, we drove thousands of kilometers in a pickup truck with a tent on the roof, saw the Big Five and more and we decided that we really liked traveling.

Four years ago, we had our first child. Our life changed quite significantly with that – traveling for now was out of the question. We settled into family life in beautiful Switzerland, complete with daycare routines, busy jobs and lots of friends and other kids close by. But we never forgot that we really liked traveling.

Over the following years we took trips. Nice trips. We introduced the new family member to the relatives in Chile. We went to see friends in Mexico. We visited family in China. We took the child on work trips to California. But we didn’t travel. We went on trips. But we never forgot that we really liked traveling.

Two years ago, we considered what it would mean to go traveling as a family – but for a number of different reasons it “wasn’t the right time”. From that moment on it was a constant – though low key – topic. But whenever we discussed it, it “wasn’t the right time”. There was always something: A potential promotion, a project that needed finishing, a new job that just started. But we never forgot that we really liked traveling.

This year, it is still “not the right time”. Actually, the timing may be worse than at any moment before. But realization hit us: It’s never the right time. There will always be something. And we really liked traveling.

So, here we are. Whether right or not, now is the time. I can’t remember what caused the final decision – it was back and forth for a while. But one day we looked at each other and said the polite equivalent of “f*** it, lets do this”. So we are doing this…

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