Who are we?

To be clear from the start, I am the handsome one in the middle and I call the shots in this family. My name is Liam.

I’m almost four and my birthday is in June. I will go to Kindergarten soon – but before that we are going on a long vacation in our caravana. That sounds like a lot of fun! I like camping and I often get to sit in the front when we drive with the caravana. That way I can see all the cows and horses on the fields and win the games when it comes to finding the first orange or purple car.

Mama is on the left of the photo. Her name is Geraldine, she is from Chile and we speak Spanish together. I’ve been to Chile but I was super small and I don’t remember it. My mama goes to work in the morning and sometimes has to work at home with a computer. She makes super yummy food and on the weekends we always do fun things in Z├╝rich or visit the abuelitos who live close to Lake Geneva.

Papa is on the right. His name is Kai, he is from Germany and we speak German together. Mama and Papa speak English to each other, but I don’t always like that because I don’t understand it well. But I know when they talk about me, especially when they discuss if I should go to bed soon! Papa also works with a computer. When we have free time, I love to play football or other sports with him.

2 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. I love Liam! He’s just the cutest ever. I’m so excited to be able to follow your journey on this blog. Have so much fun! We will miss you. xoxo

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