I am pooping…

Living in a caravana is a lot of fun, especially when Mama and Papa are up for games. But it can be quite boring when we drive sometimes, so I have to come up with some fun things to do. Here are my favourites so far:

1. Make them push the buttons of the navigation device. I like numbers and I love reading the statistics of the satnav system in the front. That way I can keep track of how long it takes until we arrive. Unfortunately, the parents are often incompetent when it comes to actually finding the destination or they switch the screen. Then I have to gently remind them… And sometimes I have to ask them to switch to the radio just so that I can ask them to switch it back to the statistics!

2. I got a little piano for my last birthday. Pushing the keys is ok, but what is much better is that there are songs on it – and that you can manipulate both volume and speed! My absolute favourite is “Jingle Bells” at 6x speed at full volume on an infinite loop. “Twinkle twinkle” is also super. Unfortunately, I have been prescribed noise-canceling head phones for that specific activity now.

3. “I am pooping”. I can learn English with this and it is hilarious! The game goes like this. Liam: “I am pooping”. Mama: “On the toilet?”. Liam: “No!”. Mama: “On the car seat?”. Liam: “No!”. – Fill in an arbitrary number of other options – Mama: “Where are you pooping?”. Liam: “On Papa’s telephone/laptop/head/steering wheel!”. And then I laugh histerically and start the game again.

4. Using my calculator. I kept stealing Mama’s phone to use the calculator on it, so she bought me my own. I like just typing on it, but the much better game goes like this: Liam: “I am at 968 and want to go to 4”. Papa (frantically doing math in his head): “Divide by 242”. Liam: “4!” Lather, rinse, repeat with whatever numbers I can come up with. Btw, I use four as a goal because I am four! I also like summing up old Yahzee scores just for fun.

Apart from those I do other things as well I like singing and looking out for horses, planes, cars of a certain colours, waterfalls – you name it. Mama also has a good selection of audio stories and songs for me on her phone and I have some cool play books that I use. And of course I can ask a ton of questions on nearly any given topic.

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