A small FAQ

When we tell someone what we plan, there are often questions. So we thought that before we go into details with posts about the actual trip, we’d answer some of the common ones here.

Q: Where are you going? A: We’ll travel around Europe. We are starting in summer and we will start by going to Iceland for about a month, taking the ferry from northern Denmark. We’ll be back in September and have a wedding in Italy at the end of the month, giving us three weeks to make our way south. After that, it’ll be further south, but the plan isn’t solid yet.

Q: What happens to your place? A: We like our apartment, so for now we are keeping it. We’d like to help out a few people by letting them stay for a while, but we have no intention in removing our furniture for now and we plan to come back to it eventually.

Q: Did you quit your jobs? A: I did. Geraldine is combining her remaining vacation days and some unpaid time off to take a break until the end of the year – at which time we will evaluate options. We plan to be back for the holidays anyway, so it is a natural point of reflection.

Q: Isn’t this very expensive? A: This depends on the perspective. Between re-capturing some of our rent, stopping to pay for daycare and living outside of Switzerland, our overall cost of living will likely go down significantly. With less – and eventually no – income, this will still make a dent into our savings though.

Q: How will Liam take this? A: In all honesty, we won’t know until we’ve done it. We have the hope that it’ll be a big adventure for him and we’ve seen plenty of encouraging blogs and reports from families who traveled, but in the end we don’t really know. But judging by his normal attitude to this type of thing, we think that he will have a blast.

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