Croatia: National Parks

After hanging out in Istria for a week we ventured inland for a few days to see Plitvice National Park, which is one of those places that comes up on most must-see lists of Croatia. And with good reason. In this park, a river has carved its way through a wide gorge, creating dozens of lakes and hundreds of waterfalls. The scenery is impressive and the whole area is very nicely done, with wooden paths crossing the many lakes and getting you closer to the waterfalls and the amazing nature. It was also surprisingly well developed, including a little boat ride on one of the lakes, a shuttle bus (for those of us who don’t want to hike an extra two-hours!) and cafés for refreshments. On top of that it was probably our only real autumn scenery in the Croatian part of our trip, where we mostly enjoyed summery weather throughout.

We were a bit surprised by the amount of visitors to the park, but later in the day we learned that – on top of being a Sunday – it was Croatia’s independence day. So mystery solved.

We stayed in two very nice campgrounds on either side of the park and here Liam seemed decided to turn into a high risk downhill cyclist (to my dismay). We also had one of our coldest nights where temperatures shockingly dropped to 2 degrees over night and fog enveloping our camper in the morning.

The other little tradition that seems to have started whilst at Plitvice is that Liam “helps” to drive on the campsites. He sits on Kai once we’re within the campgrounds and they maneuver the caravan into parking position. He absolutely loves it and takes it rather seriously. He is also developing into an Ed Sheeran body double…


About a week later we followed this with another park, further south and closer to Split, this one called Krka. Both parks are quite similar to each other with great nature trails, waterfalls, lakes and just very special scenery. And both definitely worth visiting.

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