Storing our stuff away

Driving in a house on wheels requires a surprising amount of things.

Clothes, obviously. Kitchen stuff and food also quickly comes to mind. Toileteries. Entertainment for small and big people. Electronics for the digital addicts. Half a million cables. Tools, in case something breaks. Every day items like clothes washing equipment or a trashcan.

Suffice to say, storage has become a pretty important topic. So much so, that our first stop on the trip came only 90mins after departure, at the garage of Ralf Ganter. His company provides custom-made shelfs for campers and we got 5 storage boxes for the back of the van. This should be very helpful for storing away things not needed on a day-to-day basis – but we’ll only really know after we’ve tried it out for a few weeks.

Currently, the storage implementation plan looks like this:

• kitchen utensils and food go under the stove and into the fridge

• toileteries go into the bathroom. So will at least some towels.

• books and electronics go towards the front of the car

• bikes are on the bike rack outside, wrapped into an oversized plastic protection thing

• fire extinguisher, tools, truck gear, sports equipment, cleaning products and other camping stuff goes into the back.

• clothes have been split. Some are inside, centered around the bed. Others are in the back, to be used in less common scenarios (e.g. rain boots)

• kids toys and games are stored close to or directly on the kid’s bed.

Any other stuff ended up in a bag or box and got shoved into the back of the camper. 🙂

What comes in quite handy so far is that we put a second floor into the back, about 20 cm above ground. That gives us essentially two floors to store things on – which is really nice. And in the future, the bottom part promises to be very useful for ski equipment.

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