Week 1

It’s been a week since we left Zürich, and about time I do a post on the trip so far. Right now we’re on the boat to Iceland, but what have we done so far? 

1774 kms, that’s what. At least driving kilometres. Plus whatever there is between the port of Hirtshals, Denmark and Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, where the ship is making a stop right now.

And the quick verdict for the trip so far: Very good!

The longer version is that it’s been a very pleasant start to this little family adventure. Kai and I drove quickly and uneventfully through Germany and caught up with Liam in Bremen, where he had arrived by plane a few days earlier with Oma and Opa. After spending a night there, we drove to Haithabu/Hedeby, a Viking settlement in northern Germany. Although I was expecting a Viking themed amusement park type of thing, we were pleasently surprised with a quiet few houses amongst excavations of what was an important trading settlement around the 9th century. The highlights: sunny weather by the Schlei Lake and Liam’s happiness at owning his own Viking sword and sheath. 

We crossed the border to Denmark and the next day was spent in what can only be described as a kid’s paradise: Legoland! To be fair, it was pretty cool for the parents, too. After 7 hours of doing all sorts of rides (fire brigade, splash mountain, safari ride, trains, planes and everything in between) we were properly beat but we still managed to drive a bit further to a caravan parking spot right by the sea in Hvide Sande, Central Denmark. Personally, just waking up in this spot gave me the strongest feeling so far of really being away, exploring new places. 

We spent that next day partly hiding from the rain in a swimming pool and then checking out some rather impressive sand sculptures once the rain was over. And then driving some more to Løkken, which is a beach town not far from our eventual departure port, so that we could spend a drive-less day. 

Monday we decided to explore the beach and town like the locals do, by bike. We didn’t take into account how far and at times windy it might be, so we had to figure a way to  carry Liam and his bike for half the way. Back at the campsite, it was lentils with sausages for dinner and prepping for the early start to board the ferry… where we are right now leaving the Faroe Islands on our way to our first “real” destination: Iceland.

Photo summary: https://photos.app.goo.gl/OmrWsDxmxAoiAdYE2

One thought on “Week 1

  1. Love Legoland! Glad it was fun – such a brilliant place for adults and kids alike! The sand sculptures are amazing – so intricate. Enjoy the crossing and say hi to the ponies in Iceland!


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