The ride over to Iceland

Before I go into some detail of our first week in Iceland, I wanted to write about the boat we took to get here. The Norröna from Smyril Line goes from Hirtshals (Denmark) to Seydisfjördur (Iceland) and took about 50 hours, with a quick stop in the Faroe Islands. Although our accommodation was more of a closet than an actual room, the rest of the boat was very pleasant. It had a few restaurants, a bar, a kids play area, a cinema and even a small swimming pool.

Even with all the amenities, we did have a certain dread about how we would keep Liam entertained for the duration of the trip. Thankfully in the end it did not prove too hard. I mean we did have to play an inordinate amount of Uno games, but Liam also felt comfortable enough to make new friends and hang out with them at the kids area. It probably helped that there were a good few German families on board also traveling with little ones.

Regarding the passengers, I’d say that most were Icelandic and from Faroe (Faroish?) and then Danish and German. Many were overlanders driving their own trucks. One other Spanish speaker heard me talking to Liam and we chatted for a bit.

The first day the sun was shining and the sea was very calm but on the second evening and night it certainly got a bit rougher and we had a clear constant lulling; which actually made for some fun waves in the small pool.

We arrived in Iceland last Thursday (27th July around 8am) and were welcomed by heavy cloud cover and rain. Originally we had been planning on starting our Iceland tour on the north-east and north of the island, but just before leaving the boat we checked the forecast and noticed much better weather in the south, so on a whim we changed plans and drove south. I must say I actually was pretty excited about the sudden change in plans.. Maybe I am a P after all…

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