We decided to spice up our stopover on the Faröer Islands with a true highlight of the UEFA calendar: The qualifier game between Denmark and the Faröes for the U21 European Championships.

Here is the liveticker as it happened.

15.53: Entrance is free. We actually get handed a ticket instead of having to show one.

16.00: Kickoff. Denmark starts with a lot of possession. First shot on goal after 90 seconds.

16.07: I have counted 9 ball possessions for FRO so far. Denmark controls the game but so far the defense holds.

16.13: Long throw in by #13 results in he first chance for FRO. Excitement in the crowd, but DEN silences the stadium by scoring in the ensuing counter attack.

16.15: Robust tackling by DEN right in front of the main stand. The referee says all good, the crowd disagrees.

16.23: First corner for FRO. Poorly executed, chance wasted.

16.28: Collision in midfield, free kick. Liam’s judgement: The red one is more hurt, so it must be foul from the other.

16.30: Next corner for FRO. Almost!

16.34: Liam is very concerned what happens when the referee gets injured. I actually don’t know, but assure him a solution will be found. He doesn’t really believe me.

16.39: A few good combinations from FRO now but the last pass accuracy is missing. DEN fails to capitalize on a few big chances including a smashing header against the crossbar.

16.45: Half time

Summary so far: DEN comfortable, FRO had a few chances, both captains wear the 8, a few players look like they are 12 and Liam is ramping up on the basic rules.

17.01: Kickoff for the second half.

17.07: DEN now plays towards our side. We see much more of the game.

17.13: After a catastrophic error from FRO nearly a goal for DEN. A free kick one minute later then brings the 2:0 through another header.

17.21: The sun comes out for a minute and DEN scores the 3:0. Meanwhile, the success rate of long kicks from the FRO goal keeper falls under 10%.

17.33: First chance for FRO in the second half after 75 minutes. A corner follows but without result. Motivation on and off the pitch is waning. Liam tries to understand when a corner is given.

17.41: FRO has more ball possession towards the end but I think it is because the Danes are thinking of the after-game beer (at least those that are allowed age-wise). FRO #7 gets injured, more concerns on Liam’s side about substitutions.

17.47: Final whistle.

Conclusion: Overall a fun activity, and totally unexpected as well. Thanks to the Google Maps team for an awesome feature through which we found out about this an hour before the game started!

Next stop: Denmark.

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