Family, friends and heading south (Part I: Denmark)

Our lack of posting has been mostly due to us being “busy” in the big cities of central Europe as we were making our way down from northern Denmark to Switzerland. It feels like the peace of Iceland left us and we went into “city mode”, whilst ignoring the blog and Instagram.

Nonetheless, here we are again.

We kicked off the month of September at the very tip of northern Denmark, enjoying the sunshine (and wind!) at the beach near Skagen. Even though the wind was a bit fresh, it did not stop Liam and Kai from playing hours in the sand. I have to admit I mostly hid behind a wind tent with my book and just took in the expanse of Denmark’s beaches and dunes.

The campsites in this area came as a bit of a shock to us at first; like small orderly towns, full of all sorts of facilities, and quite different to what we were used to from Iceland, but still very convenient, with loads of options for kids entertainment.

Besides going to the beach, we visited the very tip of the peninsula, where the Baltic and North Sea meet. It’s a very special place, where you clearly see the different currents and where we were greeted by four lazy seals.

As we headed south we stopped in the town of Randers for a bite to eat where weirdly enough, we encountered an exact replica of Elvis’s Graceland. I have to say, ordering Elvis’s favourite sandwich was a mistake I could have foreseen, but nonetheless I did try the peanut butter-banana-bacon deep fried toast and I can say it was one of the grossest things ever. Liam tried it too, only to coil in horror and rather eat the steak salad we had.

After that stop, we drove A LOT so as to make it to Germany.

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