Storing our stuff away

Driving in a house on wheels requires a surprising amount of things. Clothes, obviously. Kitchen stuff and food also quickly comes to mind. Toileteries. Entertainment for small and big people. Electronics for the digital addicts. Half a million cables. Tools, in case something breaks. Every day items like clothes washing equipment or a trashcan.

Getting ready

It has now been a week since we stopped working and it is about a week until we will leave. A few people have said something along the line of “enjoy the leisure time”. Not quite the case here…

We are taking the time to meet a lot of friends before heading out and it is really nice to do that without the pressure of work. But we still get up early to tick off the sheer endless amount of things on our various lists. Here is an overview on the key list items.

Picking our transport option

Our trip six years ago consisted of a combination of plane rides, bus trips, organized tours and rental cars. It worked like a charm, but we didn’t look forward to the same ardous combination of transport options while traveling with a child.┬áSo one of the key questions from the beginning was: If we were to travel, how would we get to places?